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Parent Support Groups

Having a tribe you can call on during those early years of parenting is vital for family and individual wellness.    Groups serve two parallel purposes: to help develop the social and emotional learning of your child and to support the understanding of your child's development, emotional experience, as well as your own growth and emotional experience in this parenting journey.  Being a part of a group gives you the guidance of an experienced facilitator, plus the added benefit of hearing different perspectives of the parents in your unique group.


Groups are 1 hour 30 minutes long, and include group sharing, observation of babies and reflection, a snack time for the older toddlers, and either topics or Q&A.  We close the groups with some songs for the children.  A second facilitator is sometimes provided based on the level of activity of the group.

"When we begin to know ourselves in an open and self-supportive way, we take the first step to encourage our children to know themselves." Dr. Daniel J. Siegel


Mother and Baby on Floor

I am currently in the process of starting up in person parent groups in the Austin area.  If you and a group of mom friends want to create a group, please reach out and we can coordinate.  Or, if you are a new mom or a mom new to the area, reach out and get on my list, so that you can stay updated on any group developments. 

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