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Creative Coping Skills for Parents

Using the tools of Expressive Arts Therapy you will learn to release the stress through art-making, sound, movement, and reflective writing so you can end the fight and creatively co-regulate with your child.
about ellen geis

Affectionately known as “Nanny Poppins,” Ellen Rebecca Geis has worked in childcare for over a decade, and is inspired by the freedom young children have to express themselves. For the last eight years Ellen has harnessed this inspiration as an Expressive Arts Facilitator to teach adults how to have playful, creative outlets to freely express and regulate their emotions. Ellen is currently putting her feet in the mud with the children she nannies, teaching her Expressive Arts class, Express Yourself!, at the San Marcos Public Library, and studying Expressive Arts Therapy through Lesley University.




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Postnatal In-Home Therapy

Mother in Love

It's hard to get out of the house after giving birth.  With in-home therapy sessions, we will explore all the feelings that are surfacing after going through this massive life change.  Whether it's baby blues, postpartum depression/anxiety, or simply needing some emotional support as you settle into this new normal, I am here for you.  Austin, TX


1 hour sessions:  $175


**If you cannot afford my full fee, please contact me and I will attempt to work with your financial constraints.  I am passionate about making sure that all moms, regardless of financial abilities, can receive the care they need in one of the most vulnerable times in a mothers life.  

"Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one."  Gloria Steinem

In-Home Parent Consultation/Coaching

Relationships take work.  After an in depth assessment and observation, I will provide you with a plan complete with new strategies for how to get back in sync with your family.  Topics include settling limits, discipline & consequences, balancing self care with caring for others, navigating life transitions such as a new sibling or moving, and creating structure that works with everyone.  

Each family has it's own culture, set of values, and major life events and transitions that affect the family system.  I am not an expert on your family.  So, during the first session, I will get to know you all.  You will also have a chance to get to know me. We will establish the relationship and begin to build trust.  Then, I will come back to do an observation.  During this time, I am primarily observing.  This can be done in the house, or at a park. This is a chance to see the dynamics in action, see the disruptions, where the disorganization is, etc.  There is little intervention here.  I understand it is impossible to "be normal or natural" while being watched, yet each family observation I do, the issues emerge and information is gathered. The observation is typically done around the time of day where the family needs support (morning routine or after school).  Finally, we meet a third time to begin the coaching relationship. We will talk about my observations and thoughts about changes to make in the schedule, routine, or approach to parenting. I will make any helpful recommendations for further support.  I will give any pertinent resources. 

Initial 3x (one hour) package:  $450

Ongoing consultations or coaching:  $175/hour

"Going through hard times, being able to cry about it, and then move forward, with loving support - this is the recipe for resilience."  Dr. Laura Markham

Therapy for Moms

No matter how your children came to you, and regardless of if you have a newborn or a college bound kid, there are countless sentiments that deserve a little space.  In person in Austin, TX or online with TX or CA residents.


"Life is a balance between holding on and letting go."  Rumi

Child Led Play Therapy

Play is how children research, explore, learn new skills, connect with others, and it can also be a way for children to process emotion and make sense of major events in their life.  Taking place in the home, where the child typically feels safe to share their inner world, I work to gain the child's trust and form a safe therapeutic  relationship with the child to encourage the processing of any unresolved feelings.  Parent consultations can be scheduled as a concurrent service.  


$100/30 minutes or $175/hour

*Children as young as 3yo can engage in play therapy.  Please email me to schedule a free phone assessment. 

"If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings, and grow."  Alfie Kohn

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